Commercial Awning Installation in Phoenix

Installing commercial shade structures in Phoenix is a good way to help beat the summer heat.

How Installing a Commercial Shade Structure in Phoenix Can Help

Install Custom Shade Structures Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

Install Custom Shade Structures Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

If you want to know why you should install a commercial shade structure in Phoenix consider this information from WebMD:

“In hot weather, spend most of your time in cool, air-conditioned areas, and reduce outdoor physical activity if possible, particularly in the hottest afternoon hours. Eat small, well-balanced meals throughout the day to maintain energy, and drink plenty of non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages. Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing, and protect your face and head with a wide-brimmed hat. It’s also a good idea to use a sunscreen to prevent sunburn, which can hinder the skin’s ability to cool itself.

During a heat wave — or when beginning a new job or other activity that requires you to exert yourself in hot conditions — expose yourself to the heat gradually over two or three days so that your body can get acclimated. Gradual exposure will reduce strain on the body and decrease the risk of developing a heat-related illness.

If you must be in a hot environment for an extended period of time, take steps to keep your body comfortable:

Open windows and use fans to promote air circulation, and retreat to cool, shaded areas frequently for breaks.
Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Give special attention to the young and elderly during heat waves. They cannot always take care of themselves and may not realize they are becoming overheated.”[VIEW SOURCE]

Heat related illness in Arizona is a very real and ever present danger. And it isn’t confined to just summer. In 1990, there was a summer in Arizona that started in February and lasted until November. We had temperatures that were well above 100 degrees for at least six months. Just last month we were hitting 95 degrees…in March. All of these conditions are ripe for heat related illness. Did you know that you could conceivably be liable if you don’t offer some sort of protection, such as a shade sail or other structure?

Protect Your Customers and Your Business With a Commercial Shade Structure Installation

Commercial shade structures help to reduce the risk of heat-related illness to your customers and employees, which in turn reduces your risk of potential liability. However, don’t think that a shade structure is a panacea for avoiding heat exposure. Make sure you have a chilled water supply and a cool place indoors for people to sit in.

However, cover all your bets. When the weather permits, get outside. And one way to do it? Install a commercial shade structure in Phoenix.


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