Commercial Shade Structures in Phoenix and Their Many Benefits To Your Business (Contd.)

Commercial awnings in Phoenix are a proven way of not only giving your business some signage, but also helping to reduce your energy costs.

As we covered previously,commercial awnings in Phoenix go back a long way. Their contemporary usage dates back to the early 19th century.

Install a Commercial Awning in Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

Install a Commercial Awning in Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

What Are Commercial Awnings Made Of?

In the post-War years, vinyl resins, acrylic fibers, and polyester materials were used in addition to basic vinyl to ensure an awning’s increased longevity and durability. But, as even these beneficial changes were taking place, new trends were rapidly emerging, undercutting their popularity and their chance to revolutionize an industry. Instead, newer styles saw a turn toward more durable aluminum awnings, as well as a general change in the architectural fashion.

The newer fabrics of awnings now include solution-dyed acrylics and acrylic-coated polyester-cotton blended fabrics. The stripes and colors are woven with the fabric, and not painted on to its surface. This weaving not only increases the durability of the awning, but also allows light a certain amount of light to come through. These awnings come with a UV inhibitor that keeps a check on sunlight damage. Moreover, their fast drying properties helps reduce damage from mildew. Also, a thin acrylic layer is used to coat the poly-cotton fabrics, which repels dirt and resists abrasion. Both acrylic and poly-cotton fabrics look a lot like canvas awnings, but are far more durable.

Where Are Commercial Shade Structures Used?

Today, retail shops, restaurants, banks and other commercial chains attract customers with illuminated awnings that have their branded logo on them. Striped awnings are also attractive, as there are many different color patterns to choose from and make for an excellent storefront display that is often seen along suburban strip malls.

At present, awnings are available in all shapes, sizes, frames, and fabrics. Today, local streets display awnings that are fixed, quarter round, and backlit. You can get awnings with a company name and logo in any color that you desire. Many awnings can also be made from recycled materials, due to a recent upsurge in popularity, inspired as much by a sense of nostalgia for quaint downtown aesthetics as by energy savings, meaning that awnings are once again adorning our nation’s storefronts and buildings.

There are many choices of awnings materials and designs available in the market today. Custom awnings, made specifically for a given business, are often the best, most popular approach. This not only gives the storefront or business a unique identity, but also adds to their street side appeal.

We will continue this in the next part of our article, but for now, just know that commercial awnings are right for whatever sort of business you have.


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