Commercial Shade Structures in Phoenix: Awnings, Shade Sails and More

There are several different varieties of commercial shade structures in Phoenix.  And they all serve several purposes…

Install Custom Shade Structures Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

Install Custom Shade Structures Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

Commercial Shade Structures in Phoenix:  Let’s Start With Shade

Shade is obviously the first benefit of commercial shade structures in Phoenix.  Arizona has some of the highest summer temperatures in the United States.  While Phoenix doesn’t have natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or volcanoes, it does have some of the highest number of cases of both heat-related illness and skin cancer in the US.  It makes sense if you think about it.

Arizona is sunny nine and a half months out of every year.  As a result, we get far more exposure to the sun than a lot of other parts of the US.  The problem grows larger from October until April in Phoenix.  The beautiful fall temperatures bring people outside, and one of  the benefits of commercial shade structures in Phoenix is to give someone a shady place to sit.  This simultaneously protects them from heat-related illness as well as reduces their exposure to harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer.  But shade is just the beginning of the benefits offered by commercial shade structures in Phoenix.

Branding and Signage:  Part of a Commercial Awning

A commercial awning offers both branding and signage.  For a bistro, a micro brewery, or a service such as a salon or spa, a commercial awning helps a business stand out from its competition.  A commercial awning also provides a business with a bit of visibility, particularly in a crowded downtown area.  While this is the age of GPS, without some sort of signage, sometimes someone can be right by a business and not even know it.  However, with a solution such as a commercial awning, they can not only find the business, they can find it easily.  There is still one more benefit to commercial shade structures in Phoenix: aesthetic appeal.

A commercial awning gives any place of business a touch of class.  It lends elegance and sends a subtle message welcoming your current customers as well as some new ones.  A commercial awning also makes your business look like it’s established.  If customers perceive your business as being stable, it can subconsciously influence them to want to frequent your place of business.

So remember, you want every advantage to help your business succeed.  One way is to install commercial shade structures in Phoenix.

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