Commerical Awnings in Phoenix: Your Business Needs Them

Of the many investments you can make in your business, one of the best is to install commercial awnings in Phoenix.

Install Custom Shade Structures Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

Install Custom Shade Structures Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

What is a Commercial Awning

A basic definition of a commercial awning is a “roof-like shelter that extends over the entrance or windows of a business premises”. Commercial awnings are not a recent phenomenal as they have been in existence for centuries.

Traditionally, commercial backlit awnings were used to offer protection to a business establishment from falling debris and elements of weather such as rain, snow and harmful UV rays. However, in the modern business world, commercial awnings have numerous other applications.

The Benefits of Having a Commercial Awning

When correctly installed, a commercial awning acts as a cooling system for your business during those warm summer months.
The natural shade created by the awnings provides heat protection to your windows, and in so doing, decreases the indoor temperature in your establishment. So, in a commercial awning, you will find an excellent and cost effective alternative to the energy consuming HVAC cooling system. Save on your energy utility bills by having a commercial awning installed on your business premises.

Nothing puts off customers from an establishment like a messy outdoors. After all, it’s the outdoors that give your clients the first impression to your business. And as we all know, there are no second chances in creating first impressions. A commercial awning acts as an umbrella, preventing falling objects like bird droppings, leaves and twigs from scattering all over your outdoors. The awning also protects your outdoors from snow and rainfall, ensuring your outdoors remain dry, contrasting the muddy and wet outdoors of your competition. By having a commercial awning, you are assured of having a clean outdoor area.

In ordinary cases, business don’t use their outdoor space. But your business is not ordinary, is it? Your business is extra-ordinary and therefore you should find a way to utilize this important part of the premises, such as a shade sail or commercial awning.

Here is where commercial awnings come into the picture. By having a commercial awning installed on your premises, you can finally get a shelter on the abandoned piece of real estate.
But what do you do with the newly acquired shelter? There are so many ideas that come to mind. It all starts with a call to your commercial awning installer in Phoenix.

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