Install a Gazebo in Tucson

Should  you install a gazebo, install a deck, or both?  The answer depends entirely upon a whole lot of factors.  The first of which is space.

Install a Vinyl Gazebo Today | (520) 329-0022

Install a Vinyl Gazebo Today | (520) 329-0022

Install a Gazebo in Tucson

Both installing a gazebo or a deck add value to your home.  They increase your outdoor space, and are great for relaxing and for parties.  In addition, they make your home’s resale value go up as well.  Gazebos and decks can be complex or very simple.  As to which one is right for you, look at your space.  Gazebos are typically apart from the house out in the yard somewhere.  A gazebo is freestanding, usually with a roof.  Decks are usually without a roof and are attached to the home.

If you have a lot of space in your yard, you may wish to do both.   Another thing to consider, particularly in Tucson is the topography.  If your property is on a hill or an incline, you will not want to install a gazebo.  Decks offer more privacy than a deck does, but they also require a place to put them that is secluded.  According to this article excerpt from Which Works Better: Debonair Deck or Grand Gazebo? by Michael Franco on Angie’s List:

“Evaluate your space

Gazebos are freestanding roofed structures typically set away from the home, somewhere in the yard. Decks, on the other hand, are usually attached to the home either on the first or second story and are normally built without a roof. So the type of home you have and the overall terrain that surrounds it could greatly affect the type of structure you choose.

If your front and backyards are extremely hilly, you might have trouble finding a suitable spot for a gazebo and may find a deck a more ideal solution. However, if the area immediately around your home is dense with trees or close to neighboring homes on the sides where you’d need to place a deck, a gazebo could provide you more flexibility.

If you value your privacy, consider whether a deck would leave you feeling “in view” of all your neighbors. As an alternative, you might find a gazebo tucked away in a more secluded section of your property more desirable.” [READ SOURCE ARTICLE]

So let’s say you decide on a gazebo, which type should you get?

Why a Vinyl Gazebo May Be the Answer

A vinyl gazebo may be the answer that you’re looking for.  Vinyl gazebos are easy to install, and they’re great places to relax as well as entertain.  They’re also durable, easy to clean and maintain and don’t have the problems that go with wood gazebos.

So think it over and decide what works best for your home.  Then if it’s the right decision, install a gazebo in Tucson today.

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