Install Commercial Shade Structures in Phoenix: Why You Should (Conclusion)

What type of commercial shade structures work best for your situation? Do you need fabric awnings, or metal?

Install Commercial Shade Structures | 602-753-0411

Install Commercial Shade Structures | 602-753-0411

Choose Your Commercial Awning Carefully

As we covered previously, there are several different types of commercial awnings to choose from. The color of fabric awnings depend on their form and structure as well.

The structure of an awning is determined by the frame over which the material is attached. You can choose from two types of shelters available out there, whether stationary and retractable; however, shade structures and overhangs can be designed in hemispherical shapes too, increasing their surface area and the potential for logos and lettering while tending to “stand out” from the usual ways awnings look. Stationary awnings are the classic shelter designs you have known and loved. These are fixed frame awnings and are perfect for covering up odd shaped entryways, doors or even windows.

You can get these designed and tailored to suit your business facility, and they can give instant visual appeal once installed expertly. Restaurants with patios or balconies can create a great ambiance with well-chosen stationary fabric awnings and also protect their customers from the sun and the rain. And by topping off these benefits with proper logos and lettering, a second visual appeal and branding message is achieved: passersby see satisfied, dry customers while also noting the color and font schemes associated with your business or restaurant. And often these logos, like the billboard example above, can be seen at some distance.

Install Commercial Awnings in Phoenix

Of course, retractable and fixed awnings require maintenance and proper cleaning to ensure that the branding message appears fresh, crisp, and bright at all times. For that matter, backlit awnings are an ideal way to further spreading your company’s marketing and message. Nevertheless, fabric awnings are still easy to maintain and clean. Retractable awnings are a shade more advanced (pun intended) than the stationary variety and can be retracted quickly by pushing a switch. You can choose these retractable awnings to be automatically or manually controlled or sensor activated (which open or retract as per the Sun’s heat). The choice depends on your budget for awnings.

Once you have chosen the type you want, you can then work on deciding the colors of the fabric – a major consideration when it comes to your company’s message.

Most important of all you want to work with a professional consultant.  If your place has a well known color scheme, then it would not serve your purposes to go with a generic color.  Look at several brands out there such as T-Mobile, Best Buy, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and many others.  They all  have distinctive color schemes.  Your business probably does too.

So remember, there is a difference between some makeshift umbrella and canopy awning installation in Phoenix.


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