Install Commercial Shade Structures in Phoenix: Why You Should (Contd.)

There are several different types of commercial awnings to choose from.

Fabric Awnings Are Versatile

Install Commercial Shade Structures Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

Install Commercial Shade Structures Phoenix | (602) 753-0411

As we covered previously, fabric awnings, crafted for both branding and weather protecting purposes, are the most popular among business owners. These structures can create an architecturally different projection of your business or building, as they are attached above storefront doors and café windows, thus creating an effective, yet subtle change to your place.

These extremely user-friendly retractable fabric awnings can be manual or automatic or remote or sensor-activated. As they are operated mechanically, and with the push of a button, you can keep the summer sun out of your facility and let the customers relax in the shady and cool atmosphere. As the price of each type varies, the modes of control are also friendly to your specific budget. Of these product varieties, the sensor-controlled awnings are the most advanced,

Branding. While the essence of its use may have been in practice for thousands of years, most cultural historians consider the 19th century and the beginnings of mass consumer goods a more useful starting point. Even the name itself, long before its application to product promotion, branding was a way to mark animals like horses and cattle, denoting ownership – either through words, or more commonly, symbols.

As a marketing term, those early roots are very much alive today. Whether its awnings and commercial shade structures or their more modern digital iterations, branding remains vital to a company’s success. Often with fewer words contained in even the shortest elevator pitch, branding is about symbols, about colors, about flashy, (but not aggravating) methods of gaining potential customers’ attentions.

The Advantages of Commercial Shade Structures

Awnings and commercial shade structures have been proven to be very beneficial for businesses as well. There are so many in fact that pedestrians in some cities can practically avoid getting wet from a rainstorm as so much of sidewalks were covered. In a sunny place like Arizona, they can help pedestrians avoid the searing sun. Not surprisingly, shops and shop owners benefit almost immediately following an awnings installation.

This is because they enjoy greater foot traffic from increased visual appeal, lower energy bills due to cooler facilities as a result of the blocked sun rays, and more business from rapid brand recognition. Your company can also make the most of the awnings provided you choose the right ones for your facility from the wide variety of shapes and colors of commercial awnings that are available.


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