Installing Commercial Shade Structures in Phoenix

Have you given any thought to installing commercial shade structures in Phoenix?  No?  We can see why you might not consider them right now.  After all, this is the coolest time of the year in Arizona.  It’s not going to start getting hot for another four or five months.  However, with that said, that makes this the perfect time to install them. And here are the reasons why…

Commercial Shade Structures| (602) 753-0411

Commercial Shade Structures| (602) 753-0411

Commercial Shade Structures: Signage and a Makeover

People think that a commercial shade structure is only used to shade a patio or a breezeway into a business, but that is not the only reason.  Sometimes, they provide other benefits.  One of them is a new look for a business.  Most people make the same commute every day.  You pass familiar landmarks, and drive mostly on instinct.  You  stop when they’re supposed to, accelerate when the light turns green, and when you reach their destination, you get out of their car, work, then repeat the commute in reverse.  Then one day, one of the businesses you drive by, a family-owned restaurant, looks different. 

You never gave it a moment’s thought before but now, the business has drawn your attention.  You can’t put their finger on it, then they notice, they have a new commercial shade structure installed over their seating patio.  You decide to break up your routine, and you stop for an order of wings, maybe a cold beer.  And you’re sitting outside, enjoying the Arizona winter.  You win because you just woke up out of your rut.  The restaurant wins because they got a customer, and the local economy wins because you bought from a local business.  And that’s just one benefit of installing commercial shade structures.  Another one is signage.

With a commercial backlit awning, you can put your business logo, your business name, even the address number.  That way people know they are in the right place.  It also shows you are an established business, and it makes quite an impression on any future customers.  Want even more reasons to install commercial shade structures?  How about saving money on your electric bill.

How Can a Business Save Money On Electric Costs?  

There are several ways to save money on electric costs, but only a few of them work effectively.  You could raise the temperature in the summer to 78° and have to listen to people who are living space heaters complain about how hot it is, or lose a bit of your savings when everyone brings in desk fans.  or another way is to install a commercial shade sail or other shade structure to help cool your building down.  

With a shade sail, the air around your building is a bit cooler.  That means that your building’s HVAC system isn’t working as hard.  So, let’s recap shall we?  

Signage?  Check.  A new look for your business?  Check.  Lower cooling costs?  Check.  All these reasons and more are great ones to install commercial shade structures.  

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