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Install a Gazebo in Tucson

Should  you install a gazebo, install a deck, or both?  The answer depends entirely upon a whole lot of factors.  The first of which is space. Install a Gazebo in Tucson Both installing a gazebo or a deck add value … Continue reading


Commercial Awnings: Looking to attract attention to your business? Adobe Awning and Shade’s in house design team can help provide your business with a new outdoor space, create a new look for the exterior, or help get your business recognized … Continue reading

Shade Structures

Commercial Shade Structures: Shade structures are a great solution for protection from the sun’s harsh elements. They are great for schools, churches, parks, car washes, resorts, pools, sporting areas, water parks, parking areas, and much more. Let our in house … Continue reading

Shade Sails / Tension Structures

Commercial Shade Sails: Shade Sails are an innovative way to provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV Rays. Shade Sails are tensioned structures with stainless steel connections that can be designed in endless imaginative configurations, shapes, and sizes. Sails can … Continue reading

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Backlit Awnings

Commercial Backlit Awnings: Illuminated awnings help to provide your business with 24hour security and visibility to your customers. The lighting helps expose your awning at night and the neon adds an extra effect for attracting customers. Our design team can … Continue reading

Entrance Canopies

Commercial Entrance Canopies: Entrance Canopies are a great way to welcome guests and customers to any type of facility. Entrance Canopies add an extra touch to the exterior that helps distinguish your business from the other. Our in house design … Continue reading

Roll Shades – Exterior & Interior

Residential Roll Shades: Outdoor Roll Shades can provide excellent and sun and wind protection for any patio. Our roll shades are all custom made to fit any patio or outdoor area. Roll shades provide flexible shade “on demand” while enhancing … Continue reading

Outdoor Drapes

Residential Outdoor Drapes and Curtains: Custom outdoor drapes provide elegance to any gazebo or patio outside your home. They can be elegantly designed to provide protection from the sun, wind, and cold or to add style and charm to your … Continue reading

Gazebos & Cabanas

Commercial Gazebos / Cabanas: Custom cabanas and gazebos add functionality and elegance to any outdoor space. All gazebos and cabanas are custom built and structurally designed to withstand year round usage. These products are great for poolside, entertaining, dining, and … Continue reading

RV and Boat Covers

Custom RV and boat covers are essential for protecting your investment. These covers are great for year round storage, traveling, and even towing. Our high quality covers will provide durable and long lasting protection for your investment. We also offer … Continue reading

Exterior Sunscreens

Commercial Exterior Sunscreens: Exterior sunscreens are proven to help protect against the sun’s powerful UV rays. Along with reducing energy costs sunscreens also help against heat transfer through windows, protection for indoor furniture and belongings, and also helps to reduce … Continue reading

Bags – Tarps – BBQ Covers

Custom Tarps / Bags: All of our tarps are customized for any type of application from trailers, trucks, pallet covers, and much more. Our tarps are offered in a wide variety of materials ranging from canvas to vinyl, Commercial 95, … Continue reading

Custom Carports

Residential Custom Carports & Walkway Covers: Custom carports are great to protect your investment from the sun’s harsh elements and rain. Carports can be either constructed of steel with a fabric top or aluminum. Carports can be custom designed to … Continue reading

Fence & Gate Covers

Commercial Fence and Gate Covers: Our Fence and Gate Covers are all custom designed to provide privacy to any commercial or industrial location. There are many types of fabric and shade factors available depending on the amount of privacy needed. … Continue reading

Custom Tents

Our custom tents are very durable and designed to your specifications. These tents are great for businesses, organizations, events, parties, recreation, and much more. Whether you are looking for a new tent or are just looking to recover an existing … Continue reading

Stadium Padding – Netting – Windscreens

Stadium Padding / Netting / Windscreens: If you are looking to build a new athletic facility or give an updated look to an existing facility, then give Adobe Awning and Shade a call to help customize the facility. Custom padding, … Continue reading

Aluminum Structures

Residential Aluminum Covers: Aluminum covers increase the value and help enhance the beauty of your home. Aluminum covers require low maintenance and are also waterproof. They are great to install and use as patio and carport covers while providing 100% … Continue reading